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I am so glad that I have met you. I am very thankful for everything you have done for me… to drop me off at work and listen to me complain about things… and taking me grocery shopping. I wish I could thank you more and I hope in the future I can. I believe God send you to me to help in my situation. I am so glad you have been here for me. I am used to doing this myself. So When I got help from you I didn’t know what to do - you changed that…it is ok to ask for help. I am also thankful for your advice about how to handle things… I am very happy for people in the world that are as caring and loving as you are. I am so glad that I could give a gift to a wonderful couple that could not experience what I can. I am thankful that you all have been in my life to help guide me in the right direction.

From birthmother, “J”

questions & answers

Q: Will I be able to choose a family and the type of contact I want after the adoption?
A: Yes, you have the right to choose the family you desire to adopt your child and the amount of contact you have after the adoption happens. Sometimes a contact agreement can be made legally binding meaning the adoptive family must abide by the contact agreement made prior to the adoption.

Q: Will I be able to meet with a counselor and will there be support after the adoption?
A: Yes, you have the right to meet with the counselor during the pregnancy and to receive support after the placement.

Q: Do I have to tell the father of the baby?
A: If the father is known, in many cases you will need to have the biological father’s consent for the adoption to happen. If you have concerns about this, please talk to us to discuss your options.

Q: Can I get help with living expenses such as housing, medical bills, food, and help with transportation?
A: No financial assistance can be given directly from the prospective adoptive parents to the biological family; however North Dakota and Minnesota law dictates allowable financial assistance which can be covered by the adoptive family through the agency. This could include reasonable living expenses and medical expenses.

Q: If I am struggling to meet the needs of a child who is not an infant, can I make an adoption plan for that child?
A: Yes, it is never too late to consider an adoption plan for an older child; When placing an older child it is important to have a counselor that can help you assess further resources and supports to help you meet your child’s needs. However, an adoption plan can be a good option for parents who will not be able to meet their child’s needs with support systems in place.

Q: If Child Protection Services are already involved in removing my children can I still make an adoption plan?
A: This can only be answered looking at each situation individually. Once the county is involved it is harder to make a private adoption plan and it is best to make this decision prior to county intervention.




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