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Birthparents Speak

Your agency helped me a ton during my pregnancy and labor, and even though I didn't go through with an adoption (plan) I wanted to let you know I am thankful for your services to me during that time. If I had to give my opinion to another woman or couple (with an unplanned pregnancy), I would tell them that working with you seemed much more like talking to a friend or someone who actually tried to listen. I had met my fair share of social workers, case managers ect. over time and you are the only one that every time I met with you I didn't feel like 'just another client' and you put forth every effort to work with me. Even your agency was wonderful. I remember one particular night I had to get a hold of you… but it was Friday night so your phone was off but whoever I spoke to on the phone got ahold of you right away… I still refer people to your services.

- Mother who worked with us for pregnancy support, “R”

know your rights

You have the right
to feel free from pressure in your decision.

You have the right to free, confidential counseling with a local family case manager who can meet you face to face.

You have the right to financial help with medical and other pregnancy related expenses.

You have the right to work with an agency licensed in Minnesota and North Dakota and a family case manager who knows the adoption laws in Minnesota and North Dakota.

You have the right to choose the adoptive family and the amount of contact after the adoption. You have the right to up-to-date, accurate information.

You have the right to make decisions for your child regardless of race, genetic health diagnoses or substance use during pregnancy.

You have the right to understand how the agency works and the financial impact the adoption has on the adoptive family.

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At God’s Children Adoption Agency, Inc. you make the decisions about your baby’s future. We offer free and confidential counseling
regarding your options and the supports available, should you decide to parent or to make an adoption plan.

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